About Hiko Nakamura

Office: 1st-STAGE

Address: 2902, Kanokami, Syunan-city, Yamaguchi-ken, Japan,
TEL: 0834-68-1575
FAX: 0834-68-1573
E-mail: info@1st-stage.jp
Home Page: http://www.1st-stage.jp/

Hiko Nakamura’s Profile

Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan

Graduated from Kobe Designer Gakuin, Japan
Received the following awards for the graduation assignment
Best Design Award ( from Kobe Designer Gakuin)
Encouragement Award ( from all sister schools throughout Japan)

Original Illustration was selected for the “Nijuu-nana Kai Insatsu Bijustu Tenrankai ’79 Irasuto Konpe”
( The 27th Printed Art Exhibition, ‘ 79 Illustration Competition )

Reborn Creative Corporation, Japan – Graphic Designer / Illustrator

Freelance – Web Designer / Illustrator

Exhibited in the “A Message for Peace ” exhibition

Exhibited in the “Nuclear Arms: Threat to our World ” exhibition which was held in both Beijing and Moscow, and sponsored by Soka Gakkai International and the United Nations (UN)

CAT ( Creative Art Techniques ) Corporation, Japan – Illustrator

Founded Shun Nakamura’s Graphic Studio

Exhibited in the ” Hyaku-nin ten ” ( An exhibition of works by 100 leading artists ) at the Dentsu Gallery ( 1991-1993 )
Held an exhibition of works by two artists at the Roppongi Art Box Gallery
Held a private exhibition at the Dentsu Ad Gallery
Started creating illustrations on Macintosh G3

Designed and created original web site
Shun Nakamura’s Gallery http://www.1st-stage.jp/

Renamed to Hiko Nakamura in 2003.

Skills & Qualifications

Member of the SGI (Soka Gakkai International) Art Division

Skilled in computer graphics programs and applications, including Photoshop, Illustrator, an Painter

Major Clients & Creative Achievements

Local Bank Association, poster (1979)
Nissan Automobile, catalog (1979)
Tsukuba Expo, IBM Japan building CG character design(1985)
Shueisha, “non-no” magazine, monthly illustration for the readers’ column(1987-1988)
Toshiba EMI, CD jacket design (1989)
Tokyo Dome, original snack package design (1990)
Fuji Film, lithium battery pamphlet design (1994)
NEC, CD-ROM design (1995)
NTT, ISDN pamphlet design (1996)
Enterprise trade journal, design (1997)
Sakura Bank, bank card design (1998)
NTT, OCN advertisement (2000)
NEC, router advertisement (2000)
Yasuda Life Insurance Company, web site illustration (2000)
Komei Political Party, web site illustration (2000)
Asatsu-DK, web site illustration (2000)
eGroup, banner design (2000)